Management Committee

The purpose the Management Committee (MC) is to coordinate and organise the Action’s scientific and networking activities in line with the objectives specified in the Action’s MoU.

Core Group

Chair of the Action Dr German RODRIGO (ES)  
ViceChair of the Action Prof Sven-Olaf MOCH (DE)  
STSM Coordinator Dr Vittorio DEL DUCA (CH/IT)  
Science Communication Manager Dr Gudrun HEINRICH (DE)  
WG1 Leaders Prof Claude DUHR (BE)  
  Dr Carsten SCHNEIDER (AT)  
WG2 Leaders Dr Sophia BOROWKA (CH)  
  Prof. Daniel de Florian (AR)  
WG3 Leaders Prof Janusz GLUZA (PL)  
  Prof. Radja Boughezal (US)  
WG4 Leaders Prof Sven-Olaf MOCH (DE)  
WG5 Leaders Dr Gabor SOMOGYI (HU)  
  Dr Martin GORBAHN (UK)  


Management Committee

Country MC Member
Austria Dr Carsten SCHNEIDER
Austria Prof Andre HOANG
Belgium Prof Claude DUHR
Croatia Prof Ilja DORSNER
Denmark Prof N. Emil J. BJERRUM-BOHR
Denmark Dr Heidi RZEHAK
Estonia Prof Martti RAIDAL
Finland Prof Mikko VOUTILAINEN
France Prof Matteo CACCIARI
France Prof Benjamin FUKS
Germany Prof Sven-Olaf MOCH
Germany Dr Peter MARQUARD
Greece Prof Nicholas TRACAS
Greece Dr Konstantinos PAPADOPOULOS
Hungary Dr Adam KARDOS
Hungary Dr Gabor SOMOGYI
Italy Dr German SBORLINI
Italy Mr Roberto BONCIANI
Netherlands Dr Wouter WAALEWIJN
Netherlands Dr Juan ROJO
Poland Prof Janusz GLUZA
Poland Dr Krzysztof KUTAK
Portugal Dr Brigitte HILLER
Slovenia Dr Miha NEMEVŠEK
Slovenia Dr Nejc KOŠNIK
Spain Prof Roberto PITTAU
Spain Dr William Javier TORRES BOBADILLA
Switzerland Dr Sophia BOROWKA
Switzerland Dr Vittorio DEL DUCA
United Kingdom Dr Martin GORBAHN
United Kingdom Prof John GRACEY


Country MC Substitute
Austria Dr Mark ROUND
Austria Dr Simon PLÄTZER
Estonia Dr Mario KADASTIK
Finland Dr Henning KIRSCHENMANN
Finland Dr Tapio LAMPÉN
Germany Dr Gudrun HEINRICH
Greece Prof George ZOUPANOS
Greece Prof George SAVVIDY
Hungary Prof Zoltán TRÓCSÁNYI
Italy Prof Carlo OLEARI
Italy Dr Stefano CATANI
Netherlands Prof Eric LAENEN
Poland Dr Andreas VAN HAMEREN
Poland Prof Sebastian SAPETA
Slovenia Dr Jernej FESEL KAMENIK
Slovenia Prof Svjetlana FAJFER
United Kingdom Dr Jennifer SMILLIE
United Kingdom Dr Daniel MAITRE